Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thank You!!!

This is the picture that has kept me going since my last post.  It was sent to me by a Jewel Box® reader and shows her grandson and his best friend.  It came with a note that said, "I love how they don't seem to be looking down at their feet.  They are looking ahead with such confidence because they know who is behind them.  Their mommies who love them and will always be there.  They don't have to look back."  And then she said, "I am right here this morning and I will be here all through the day.  Love you much friend."  And every day since, she has sent me a few words of inspiration or message to keep the faith.

I do not want to break any confidences, so I will not reveal who she is. But I have saved each and every one of her email gems and know my favorites by heart.  This is also true for all of you who have sent emails and comments. I had no idea when I posted last time, the invaluable advice and caring words I would receive in return!  Thank you so much!!!  I especially want to thank Laney, June, Judy, Comeca and Mrs. B.  You have been with Jewel Box® since the beginning and the fact that you keep 'hanging in there' and coming back to catch-up, means so much.  I also want to thank Susanne and Michelle for sharing their stories.  It's good to know I'm not alone.  And a BIG thanks to everyone who sent a prayer!!! I love those!

Next time I'll be back with some Jewel Box® tips.

Thanks again to all of you for being so wonderful!