Thursday, May 3, 2012

Small Balconies - Tiny Outdoor Rooms in the Sky

One of my favorite things to do is sit outside in a comfortable chair reading a good book.  When I was first married, we lived in a small apartment on the 24th floor of a nondescript Chicago building.  It was nothing special, just a vanilla box of a place, but the tiny balcony was magical.  Whenever it was sunny, I was out on the balcony enjoying the view along with a good book, surrounded by my potted flowers and tomato plants.  There was barely room for my chair!

These glorious little balconies remind me of my tiny outdoor room on the 24th floor.  Enjoy!

All photos from the FreshHome Interior Design and Architecture.

Potted lavender plants and polka dot pillows make a surprisingly nice color combination against the teak patio furniture.

Don't limit yourself to the usual flower and plant varieties.  Notice the miniature tree potted above and the use of and silver pails for containers. 

Lanterns are always a nice balcony accessory and provide soft light when the sun goes down.

When the weather is nice but the air is chilly, bring pillows and blanket throws outside to make things cozy.

Yes, that is snow on the streets and roof tops.  This balcony is in Sweden where cold weather never stopped anyone from enjoying the outdoors.

Have a wonderful weekend!