Monday, April 4, 2016

The Jewel Box Home is for Sale!

"...if we will just loosen our grip on the familiar...

we will have empty hands to accept the wonderful...

this works for well as houses..."


Our Jewel Box Home
Much has happened since I said 'Good-Bye' last year.
Both my sons are out of the house starting their careers in the Big Apple.
The Ferraro Brothers are taking their shot at New York!

After much soul searching, 
my husband and I have decided to sell our beloved Jewel Box Home.
Click here for the listing.
Once our home sells we will begin searching for a new smaller Jewel Box.

 I am excited to share this journey 
with my dear online friends, 
and look forward to making new friends along the way.

No doubt I am crazy to restart the Jewel Box blog
when family, work and the demands of selling a house
keep me busy, busy, busy!!!
Which is why I am keeping JBH 2.0
really simple.

Set your expectations low, then take them down another notch.
With JBH 2.0 you are getting two short posts each week - make that very short -
with updates on how selling our home is going and
tips for making your house look fabulous,
whether or not it is up for sale.

As for comments and replies from me,
with the restart of Jewel Box,
 I am going rogue and breaking blogging etiquette.
Until I can clone myself,
I will only be responding to comments with questions
and then only on Saturdays

Still, JBH 2.0 is going to redefine the meaning of fun in the blogging world
and I have saved the best for last.

If you followed the original Jewel Box Home
you know my dear friend Laney, a.k.a. my online angel.
She and I have never met, yet almost everyday since Jewel Box started,
she emails a blessing, prayer or supportive note.

For JBH 2.0, each post will begin with an excerpt from my collection of Laney's emails.
Her words are true gems and
perhaps the best reason to pay Jewel Box a visit.


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  1. ...welcome home sweet friend...blessings...laney