Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Jewel Box Home and Carlos Santana

Live your Light
- Carlos Santana on Tour 2008

This past Saturday, my husband took me and our boys to see Carlos Santana in concert. In my husband's words, "We are making 'the pilgrimage' to see the guitar god". For those of you not familiar with Santana, he is 60 years old, played at Woodstock and was known by a single name before Madonna was out of her teens. To get a flavor for his music, download onto your ipod, or - if you are in my generation - buy a CD with the songs, Maria Maria, Europa and Smooth. As my boys would say, "This dude is lights out"! Translation, they are impressed.

So what does Santana have to do with the Jewel Box Home? Santana's music has always had spiritual underpinnings and these are especially embodied in his latest tour where he encourages his audience to live with a peaceful purpose and bring light into the world. The Jewel Box Home philosophy parallels these themes. It is all about creating a living space filled with light and beauty that is a comforting haven for family and a welcoming place for friends to gather. This is more easily done in a smaller home where the emphasis is on livability not size and human needs take priority. Without the burden of a larger house and its upkeep, we are freed to enrich our lives with a multitude of experiences and reach out to family and friends when needed. May your home and your life bring light and love to the world.

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