Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Favorite Kitchen Things

This is my galley kitchen and it measures 8' x 8' from wall-to-wall. So how do I function in a space this small? Let me tell you about some of my favorite kitchen things that I couldn't live without.

  • My Step Stool. I have the most wonderful step stool that allows me to reach the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets without any problem. At 5'2" tall on a good day, I could not function in the kitchen without my step stool. It has a false front that looks exactly like my kitchen drawers and folds easily for storage in the kitchen kick plate when not in use.

  • Under Shelf Wire Bins. The wire bins in the picture below let me make use of the space above my dishes, glasses and mugs. I also use them in my pantry. They are available for a few dollars each at any The Container Store, a nation wide chain that sells organizational and storage tools. You can purchase these bins in white - which I chose - or silver. More colors may be available, I haven't been to The Container Store in awhile. And yes, call me boring, but all my dishes are white. I prefer a monochromatic goes-with-everything look.

  • Over-the-Sink-Colander or Strainer. If you read the Jewel Box Living newsletter you know that I love my large single bowl sink. But an over the sink colander lets me have it all. Whenever I need that "extra" sink for rinsing vegetables or draining pasta, I pull out my expandable colander/strainer. When not in use, I store it with my pots and pans. These colanders are available at Target for $20 to $25.

Until next time,



  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your lovely blog and website today! Your photographs are beautiful. -Julia :-)

  2. One thing I found that helps in small kitchens with a shortage of counter space is to place a large, plastic cutting board over the sink when you temporarily need more space. As long as there is sufficient overlap it's very stable.