Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Smaller Home as a Healing Sanctuary

Our homes are our sanctuaries. It's where we take our safety and security when something threatens us. ~ Tim Donohoe

I recently learned that my father is very ill. He makes his home out of state, and next week I will visit him. What does this have to do with living in a smaller home? During times of stress and difficulty, it is a comfort to know that because of its smaller size, my house does not need constant attention. It still looks presentable even if I don't manage to keep up with weekly cleaning. Because it requires less maintenance than a large house, my smaller home gives me room to breathe and time to recover, when other parts of my life are in crisis. I can also experience the calming benefits of time alone, but still hear the voices of my boys and husband downstairs, a welcome reminder that family is nearby.

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