Monday, September 15, 2008

The Jewel Box Home: Scenes from the Garden

Espalier Pear Tree Outside my Kitchen Window

This is the scene out the kitchen window of my espalier pear tree - a tree that grows flat against a wall or fence, usually in a very small area. As with the Jewel Box sm Home, small is not a limitation, but an advantage. Espalier trees are trained to grow in tight spaces, this automatically produces an abundance of fruit because the branching is limited.

View of Pear Tree from my Kitchen Window

Although my garden area is small, I love to cook with fresh herbs, so I plant my favorites in pots outside the kitchen door. Below is the potted rosemary which I can easily reach by opening the screen door and snipping a piece while standing inside the back kitchen entrance.

Potted Rosemary Outside Kitchen Door

I also like to "branch" out and try some exotic gardening. These plants are always in pots which I bring indoors when the weather cools. Here is my very tiny lemon tree, which as you can see, does have lemons. These should ripen by the end of September.

Potted Lemon Tree

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