Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Decorating 1, 2, 3!

A Holiday Decorating Tradition

In my family holiday decorating doesn't begin until a week or so before Christmas. My mother started this tradition over 50 years ago. When I was a child, holiday greenery and smaller decorations began appearing in the days before Christmas and Santa brought the tree on Christmas eve after my brother, sister and I were in bed. Although my mother died over 20 years ago, one of her most treasured memories was our amazed faces on Christmas morning when we woke to a decorated tree surrounded by presents. My father felt differently - he didn't like the Christmas Eve all-nighter - but it was only once a year so he went along with my mother's plan. Funny thing, I don't remember the presents I received, but I do remember how happy my parents looked while we tore into our gifts.

Decorating for Christmas in One Week or Less

I have continued the general spirit of the tradition my mother started. Decorating does not begin until a week or so before Christmas ( but the tree is up before the 24th, I know my limits.) So how is it possible to decorate in such a short period of time? All you need are three things (1) a holiday wreath, (2) a Christmas tree and (3) Christmas flowers.

Over the next few days I will be knee-deep in decorating, so I don't yet have any photos to share, but for inspiration take a peek at the lovely wreaths, flowers and trees from Country Living Magazine.

Holiday Wreaths

Christmas Trees

Christmas Flowers

Tips for 'Decking the Halls'

And when 'decking the halls' keep these tips in mind -
  1. Think outside the red and green box. Traditional holiday colors are red and green, but other color schemes work equally well - consider white and green, or all white.
  2. Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. If you are feeling overwhelmed this year do something smaller. Or put up a large tree, but keep decorations simple - lights only is a beautiful look or try lights and ornamental balls in a single color but varying sizes.
  3. Poinsettias are not the only flowers that say Christmas. Poinsettias are the traditional holiday flower, but amaryllis and paperwhites in pots are also lovely.
  4. Ornaments do need to be fancy or store bought. Tie a red ribbon to a demitasse silver spoon or a beautiful little jewelry box. Both will add sparkle to the tree and cost nothing.
  5. Keep your tree skirt simple. Buy several yards of red velvet and wrap around the base of your tree for an inexpensive but rich-looking and lovely tree skirt. White or green velvet will look just as nice. These simple skirts make beautiful backdrops for your ornaments and nicely frame the tree.
I hope to have photos of my home this coming Sunday.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. I just love the tree that looks like it has a golden glow about it. Amazing, would love to know how they did that. Looking forward to your pics. Have a Merry Christmas.