Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Reasons to Feel Good About Smaller Homes

Some may have simply woken up one day, looked around at their annexes, sunken baths and media rooms, and asked themselves, “Why are we doing this?”
- 'Downsizing is Worth Cheering For', Spokesman Review, June 6, 2009

"We call it 'going minimalist,'" Mr. Gall says. "It's the financing and debt that pushes these people to the wall. But they're also saying that they've had it with buying and collecting. It's like a great purging."
-'At Estates of the Fabulously Rich, the Gilded Era is Going, Going, Gone, Robert Frank, Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2009

A very short post, but I wanted to share two articles that should make everyone feel better about living in a smaller house. Yes, the house pictured above is beautiful, but the couple who owns it are dying to get rid of it.

(Actually, the photo of the real house is copyrighted and I could not afford to buy it for posting on the blog. But the image above is very close to the real thing.)

Richard and Amanda Peacock, the couple profiled in both articles are examples of the rich who are attempting to downsize in what is becoming known as 'lifestyle liquidation'.

You all know that I have struggled desperately with big-house envy. But thank goodness my husband insisted on staying small. The Peacock lifestyle looks like a nightmare. Here are the links to both articles
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  1. Good morning Genevieve :)

    You almost want to feel sorry for them. I wonder if they realize how different their life will be in the mountains. That's a real lifestyle change, isn't it? wow.


  2. I personally never wanted a huge home. My husband, being a doctor and thinking that's what you do after the rigorous years and slavery of med school, did. He had that with his first wife. We now have a garden home that's around 2000 square feet. I still consider that a large home. I think I would be quite happy in one big barn-like room! Loved visiting and finding you!

  3. I've always lived in smallish homes. My house now is 1680 square feet and is the biggest place I have ever lived in. Even after 8 years still feels big. I can't imagine living in and maintaining a bigger house than this.