Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decorating A Small Outdoor Space

"Small is beautiful" ~E.F.Schumacher.

What can we do make a "little room" appear more spacious?

·What is your space's purpose?  Think through traffic flow, spacial needs and priorities.  So, you don't have room for an outdoor fountain, a children's play area, a hot tub and the fireplace you want.  Which is most important?  Narrow down your choices!
Photo Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens
· Keep it simple. You should minimize the number of elements (accessories, furniture, lighting) in the space. Your furniture need not be tiny to accommodate your space's needs.  Just choose a few pieces or one large accessory for impact!  This gives a space more appeal and looks less cluttered.  Make judicious use of blank space.
Photo Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens
· Create a strong, uncomplicated focal point such as a water feature, a magnificent view, or a stunning
  wooden bench. 
Photo Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens
· Unify the space with a topical theme. For example, use  shapes (many circles), material (all wicker), or color
  (shades of white).
Photo Courtesy of Good Grounding
· Due to the limited floor space, be sure to make use of  vertical surfaces. Vines on trellises, fountains hung on fences or walls, lighting hanging from an arbor...get creative small space solutions!
 Photo Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens
·Eliminate grass altogether.  Lay some paving stones with moss or pea gravel.  Labor saving and beautiful! 
 Photo Courtesy of Alford English Gardens

Use your imagination and plan well and you'll enjoy your little room in a big way!

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