Friday, May 14, 2010

Casual Cocktail Party

We are hosting a Casual Cocktail party this weekend!  I am so looking forward to spending some much needed time with friends.  While entertaining in our small home can certainly have it's challenges, I love to entertain and try to do it as often as possible.

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We are fortunate the weather is turning warmer and most of our entertaining can be done outdoors.  While the party will begin inside with some cocktails and tapas, we plan to fling open the french doors and carry the party out on the back deck to enjoy the mild May evening.

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

We like to set up a little wet bar on a side table so guests don't have to run inside to refresh their drinks.  And of course we provide for those who don't imbibe in alcohol as well.  

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

I love the relaxed feeling that outdoor entertaining gives to guests and hosts.  There is no pressure to make things "perfect" or formal.  Everyone is at their ease. 

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We serve one main cocktail drink at our events with plenty of appetizers and munchies!  No chips and dip here!  Casual tapas and delicacies spread the party fun to family and friends. 

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I try to make up for our casual atmosphere by finding fun and whimsical ways to serve our drinks.  Big class containers for Appletini's or Mason Jars filled with champagne cocktails capped with lids and nestled in big buckets of ice are always a big hit!

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

We try to always have a fire whether it is a chilly evening or not.  And no one can turn down a freshly toasted marshmallow, so keep a bag on hand.
 Champagne Cocktail
1  sugar cube
1  teaspoon brandy
1/8  teaspoon bitters
2/3  cup chilled champagne
1  maraschino cherry

1. Place sugar cube in fluted champagne glass. Add brandy and bitters. Slowly add champagne. When bubbles settle, add cherry. Serve immediately. Makes 1 drink. 

I love easy entertaining.  It is so conducive to good conversation and good memories with good friends.  

Happy Weekend!


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  1. Oh how fun! I LOVE these ideas! The colors and flavors are splendid and roasting marshmallows sounds just heavenly. :-)