Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Front Row Seats - Stylish Lawn Chairs

Smaller houses are usually closer together which makes it so much easier to get to know neighbors.  This is one of my favorite things about small home living, especially in the summer when my neighborhood comes alive!  It's such fun to see the kids out playing and catch-up with everyone.

And there is no better way to take in the summer action than from your front lawn.  Just look at these stylish options, all from my neighbors' front yards.

These weathered Adirondack chairs are so comfortable!  Of course, I had to try them.  And the pillows add a great pop of color.  These can be left in the rain and are drip dry.  You can find them at Pottery Barn.

Retro chairs!  The perfect look for this front yard.  Especially with the blue catmint.  You can see it peaking out of the left corner.

And classic summer white is always in style.  Just look at that darling basket of flowers!

Since red is one of my favorite accent colors, I'm partial to these painted red chairs that match the front door.

Here is one of the favorite gathering spots in the neighborhood.  You can always find parents lounging in the chairs and kids playing in the front lawn.  I had to shoo everyone away for this shot.  I just love the gray look of these chairs that comes from use and summer sun.

There are also some beautiful garden benches gracing front lawns.

Now for the piece-de-resistance!  An outdoor seating area with a chair for each family member.  Isn't this great!

Before I go, I have share that Laney, the winner of the first Jewel Box® Giveaway, was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary the day she won!  Laney was such a gracious winner and so excited.  She also lives in a small home and said that 'there is just as much love in a small house as a big one'.  Thanks again everyone for making the first giveaway such a success!

'See' you later this week.



  1. I love the blue chairs the most here... cause I love that color... and the shape of the chairs.... but I had to laugh, Kelley would want THREE of them in her yard, now wouldn't she!

  2. I have to ask...do you know where you/they got the "outdoor seating area with a chair for each family member"? That set is so cute.

  3. I have to ask...do you know where you/they got the "outdoor seating area with a chair for each family member"? That set is so cute.

  4. Are the chairs all from your neighborhood? I love the pillows and the red chairs! So pretty. Kelley

  5. Hi Gals,

    To answer your questions, yes the chairs are all from my neighborhood. Don't my neighbors have great taste? And Heather, I asked David and Crissy about the orange "outdoor seating area", it was custom made. So sorry you can't just run out and buy one.


  6. Thanks for checking into that :)