Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jewel Box® Living Spring Newsletter and Happy Birthday to my Sister

My geraniums are in and the Jewel Box® Living spring newsletter is finally posted to the website!  Just click here to take a peak.

And a BIG thank you to Amber who has helped keep Jewel Box® Home going and did so much to get this first newsletter in more than a year out!

As many of you know, the past year has been especially trying given my husband's unemployment, my mother-in-law's dementia and the loss of my dearest friend. I was lamenting the unfairness of all this just yesterday, when my older son put me in my place.  "Mom", he said, "There are people in Senegal thinking, if I were born in America, I'd be drinking clean water.  It's all relative, we are surviving."  Of course, he's right.

Still, you all have been one of greatest sources of joy and comfort during this time.  I especially appreciate Melissa @ The Inspired Room, Joni @ Cote de Texas and Rue @ Rues Peanut Butter and Jelly Life who make me laugh, have excellent taste and give me something to look forward to every week.  I don't always have time to post a comment, but it's such fun to see what they will 'talk' about next.

And I also just love two of the younger bloggers I've met Judy@ Split in Two and Krista @ Rambling Tart.  If you are looking for adventure and a great perspective on life, just visit Judy and Krista.  Wish I had their energy!

And everyone else who has stopped by to make me laugh, show me their house, or just say hello, know that I read each comment and so enjoy hearing from you!  I wish I could get back to everyone and visit your blogs more often!(Although I do wish those stupid machine generated blurbs with information about porn sites would quit showing up.  Does anyone else get those?  But they do shock me awake.  Could be an alternative to coffee.  )
I can't let this day go by without wishing a big happy birthday to my sister Kelley!  She is the tall skinny beautiful one in the darling cotton dress.  She came into town this weekend and we all went out to dinner.   And as a bonus, I got to see my nephews.  Guess what her husband gave her?  An iPad!!!  I'm sooo jealous! 

And Judy @Split in Two, who I mentioned earlier today and a good friend of my sister, is featuring Kelley on her site along with her birthday gift.  When you get a chance, check out the fabulous bag Kelley got!

Until next time!



  1. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish Marie - Had a great time in Chicago! Can't believe I now have a 50 year old brain - doesn't seem possible - shouldn't I be smarter?

  2. I believe Kelley had a nice birthday, from the weekend in Chicago with family, and lunch with friends here in Des Moines. Having people who love you is all that really matters!

  3. Thanks for the mention! Hope this summer brings you much needed SUNSHINE and happiness!!