Friday, July 16, 2010

Friendly Fridays - Just Around the Corner

Today we are visiting my friend and neighbor Mary's 1400 square foot home, built in the 1940s where she lives with her husband and two boys.  I photographed her house just before everyone arrived for a neighborhood cocktail party.

The exterior of Mary's home is classic with tumbled brick, black shutters and white siding.  And the boxwood in front are trimmed to remain below the windows and not block out any sunlight.

Notice the finial at the corner of the house.
Mary calls the living room the happiest place in her house.  She loves to relax, visit with friends and read there. The cream and white foundation colors accented with black make the calm and inviting.  I asked how Mary keeps white furniture so clean with little boys running around.  Her secret, slip covers on the chairs.  When they get dirty, just toss in the washer.

The black side table and silver lamp are a perfect complement to the overstuffed white chair and black accent pillow.

Glass coffee tables are ideal for smaller rooms since they don't take up visual space.  Mary's choice here is elegant and practical with wrought iron legs. 

This slim free standing cabinet is my favorite piece in the living room.  Mary stores some of her favorite serving pieces here.

Window treatments in the living room are simple and clean allowing as much light as possible into the space.

Black and white accents are carried through to side tables.  Mary's wedding invitation is also displayed here in a glass frame.

The entryway is simplicity at its best.  A mirror and small ledge with key hooks provide for the basics while reducing clutter.

The bold red dining room works because it is not overpowered with large furniture and cluttered with serving pieces.  The black and white accents also make an appearance in this room on the chair fabric.

And this is Mary's 'Mud Room'.  Isn't it great!  A black bench from Pottery Barn with baskets underneath for everyone. 

The black and white gingham curtains and red toile pillow work beautifully in this space.

Mary's kitchen is small but beautiful and functional.

Since her kitchen does not face a window, she has put a mirror over the sink.

Here is Mary - on the left - with Kelly on the right.  This photo does not do either of these beautiful ladies justice!  (For some reason I couldn't get the lighting right.)

Here is Mary's tiny family room.  As you can see, the couch takes up the entire width of the room.  But Mary has made the space cozy with family photos, warm cream and yellow colors and wall lamps for reading.

The patio is party ready.  Notice the twinkle lights in the bushes.  Always a great way to add sparkle to a party.

The party in full swing.



  1. Looks wonderful! I love the mirror in the kitchen idea. I would have never thought of that but it makes least you can see whats going on behind you.

  2. What a pretty house! I love the twinkle lights in the bushes and the family room looks so comfortable--the wall lamps in the family room are a great idea.

  3. Cute house! And I like the mirror over the sink a lot.

  4. Karen @ Garden, Home and Party said...

    I love Mary's house. Living in a 1,725 sf house myself I am always interested in what clever things people in similar sized houses do to make a home feel inviting. It's what drew me to your site---you do 'small' well!

  5. Beautiful house and great ideas to learn from her decorating.

    Where did she get those perfect fit slip covers from and how much do they cost?