Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So you say YOUR house is small...

Just look at these gorgeous little houses Amber found!

I love running across really interesting tiny houses...they amaze me and inspire me all at the same time.

Like this 64-square foot home!  Can you imagine??  The man that built this home lives here about 100 days out of the year with his wife and dog while he builds his large home of 1,400 square feet!  You can read more about his adventure with this little cottage here.

Lake house?  Yes, please!!!  I cannot imagine a more idyllic spot for a weekend.

Just roll up the living room wall and fresh breezes tickle your fancy!  I can totally see myself having a cup of coffee and a croissant on that bistro table on the balcony!  Le sigh.

In Japan there just isn't a lot of new building space, so new construction has to "squeeze" in wherever it can.  Literally.  Like a sandwich!!!  This home has three narrow levels that all connect to one another by open staircases.

The open floor plan allows for light and sound to travel throughout.

Neighborhoods full of tiny homes with big front porches and lovely cottage gardens!  Put me down for one of those.  Sounds like my idea of heaven!

And perhaps my favorite of all...The little cabin in the woods...a writing "hut" of sorts for author Michael Pollan who just wanted a place of his own where he could think and write.

Good books, plenty of light, a little bed and he had quiet solitude to unfold his life's work.

Little houses...they lurk out there...waiting for us to discover them.  How fun!



  1. ...oh i want to move next door to you in that tiny home neighborhood...

  2. My kind of fantasy, love the pictures. Especially the little cottage neighborhood.