Monday, August 2, 2010

Small Kitchens

Oh kitchens kitchens kitchens!  One of the most frequently used rooms in the house, but often one of the most inconvenient.  In smaller sized homes, the kitchen can often be full of challenges and especially in older homes before modern convenience was a priority, the kitchen can be full of hidden frustrations.

I once had a kitchen that had cabinet drawers that could only be opened if the dishwasher was open first.  And another small kitchen whose refrigerator door couldn't open all the way because the galley-style counters were so close it wouldn't allow it.  I've also had kitchens with inadequate counter space and storage has always been an issue.  But I love small homes, so I just deal with the quirks and get creative. 

Photo Courtesy of This Old House

One way to maximize storage is to get creative with shelving!  Not only does it make the kitchen more functional, keeping cookbooks, utensils and frequently used dishes within easy reach, but it looks so nice and stylish!

Photo Courtesy of This Old House

Don't shun the galley-style kitchen!  While most of us roll our eyes at that layout it is actually very efficient when short on space and makes cooking easy because you don't have to walk so far to get to your stove or refrigerator!

 Photo Courtesy of This Old House

The addition of windows to any room creates the feeling of openness and light!  And its always more pleasant to do dishes while looking out a window!

 Photo Courtesy of This Old House

Pot racks!  Pot racks!  Pot racks!  I love them!  They get your big bulky pots out of your beloved cabinet space and they are so handy and accessible.  

 Photo Courtesy of This Old House

Undercabinet lighting adds appeal and dimension to a small space.  I love the chalkboard on this kitchen's ventahood!  

 Photo Courtesy of This Old House

Utilize kitchen drawers!  Big drawers are handy for holding much more than just silverware!  Pots and pans and rarely used appliances can be stored in oversized drawers.

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Sometimes reconfiguring appliances helps with efficiency too.  In this small kitchen the dishwasher is placed between the sink and range for easy clean up.
 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Don't think small kitchens can't house tables!  Bistro tables or small patio tables can be used for an intimate breakfast or quick lunch!  And the stools in this kitchen are just right for this tiny space.  Just push them under the table to provide more walking room.

Kitchens have been called the heart of the home for years.  Embrace yours today!



Judy said...

I don't need a large kitchen, since I really don't cook much... BUT I have to have a window in front of the kitchen sink! It's like standing at the helm of a ship and being able to see what's doing on outside... then I am happy no matter the size.

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Oh Judy, you are so right about having a window in front of the kitchen sink! It's a must for me also.

kelley said...

I so agree with the two of you! I don't think I could live in a home without a window above the kitchen sink - makes cleaning so much more tolerable. I have found myself daydreaming the time away watching whatever is happening outside. Kelley

laney said... judy and genevieve i love my window (with an outside window box)over my much so that i "made" a window over my stove top...instead of tile i placed a large framed reflects the window in the dining i have an instant window to see "out" as i cook...and is not at all hard to keep clean!

Laurie said...

I may not have a dining room, but I LOVE my galley kitchen. I have three nice windows and 20' of counter space that is only interrupted by the kitchen sink. I've been in homes twice the size of mine with smaller kitchens. Yeah...this is why I live in a match box...I have the world's most functional kitchen. LOL!