Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living Large in a Little House

I loved Lizzie Carney's house the moment I saw it in the pages of Country Living Magazine...sleek and urban with a touch of vintage whimsy, she made her tiny 1,000 square foot home a bungalow fit for a princess.  What grabbed my attention most in the article was Lizzie's free-wheeling spirit that allowed her to break all the "Rules" for decorating a small space.  She tossed those out the window and created her own!

Photos Courtesy of Country Living

Old Rule:   Small places require small Furniture.
New Rule:  Tiny often leads to clutter and too much "busy-ness".  Opt, instead, for fewer, larger pieces.

Old Rule:  White walls are a must when square footage is limited.
New Rule:  Dark colors create the illusion of depth in small rooms.  Cozy!

Old Rule:  Cramped quarters call for clean lines.
New Rule:  Ornate, embellished details given even the tightest spots a sense of grandeur.

Old Rule:  Hidden storage is key to keeping a tiny house tidy.
New Rule:  When storage can be beautiful and interesting, why hide it?  Dining room AND wine cellar!

Old Rule:  Get extra mileage out of a guest room by having it double as an office or den.
New Rule:  Turn over the entire room to a single indulgence, like a walk-in closet!

I just love Lizzie Carney's attitude toward life!  Instead of wishing for a larger place to accommodate the finer things in life she turned the reality into her dream!  "Don't wait to enjoy the good stuff," says Lizzie..  "Use your china when eating a hamburger.  If you love a piece of furniture, find a way to make it work."   She definitely makes every day a special occasion in her home.  This cottage gives new meaning to the term "tiny grandeur".  I love it!



  1. ...oh my goodness...i just want to go live in that closet...wonderful...

  2. I too loved this house the second I saw it in the mag. I've torn that bedroom photo out and stare at it constantly, trying to figure out how to get it by my manly man boyfriend!

  3. OMG! What a talented designer- love,love,love it! Its like a Petit Trianon- fit for a modern day Princess!