Friday, March 11, 2011

Add Color Without Paint!

Remember how I was dreaming of spring?  Not much has changed in that area except the motivation part...its got me motivated to get cracking...get cleaning...get organizing...spruce up some stuff around here that's been left by the wayside.  One of my favorite parts of this motivation thing is the puttering.  I love to putter around my little Jewel Box® Home!  Rearranging, fluffing, adding little touches here and there.  My goal for this week is to add a little color into our home.  Confession:  I hate painting.  Hate it.  But fortunately for me, there are ways to add color without picking up a paint brush!

Colorful curtains in one vibrant shade.

Throw pillows in coordinating patterns and solids.

Accent pieces in one grouping of color.  I love these startling pink picture frames made into mirrors!

Colorful lampshades add personality and color to any room or tabletop.

Floral arrangements are one of my favorite ways to bring the outdoors in and add color to a room.

Furniture or slipcovers in one shade create drama.

Large colorful area rugs anchor a room's furniture arrangement and require NO PAINT!

Bring in color with wall decor and art.

Even bowls of fruit and veggies can bring pop to a drab and cheerless kitchen.

Are you puttering around your house freshening things up in anticipation for spring or is it just me?



  1. Great reminders of how to inject a jolt of much needed color after a long gray winter!

  2. Good ideas here... know I'm dreaming of white walls and bold artwork on the wall!

  3. Good ideas here! Now I'm dreaming of white walls and bold artwork hanging on the wall!

  4. ...what wonderful happy spaces...and that little blue and white flowerdy (is flowerdy a real word)lamp shade!...well that is simply perfect...all the jewels one would need in that room would be the lamp...a great comfy chair...and a good book...bliss...

  5. wonderful solutions- funny how people are different. I can't seem to stop painting! Enjoy your day

  6. I liked one of your ideas so much, I blogged about it here!
    Great idea, take care, Val