Monday, March 28, 2011


The new trend in interior design is called "undecorating" Christiane Lemieux describes this new style in her book "Undecorate: The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design," as do-it-yourself design that is unfussy, lived-in, creative and imperfect.  "In figuring things out yourself," Lemieux says, "including what you can afford, you make interesting decisions that wouldn't be made if money were no object—the imperfections, the real life demands are what inspires us." I do love the underlying philosophy of undecorating that values taste over expense and the surprises of accidental design based on a homeowner's personality.  But I find the reality of it to be a bit cluttered and fussy.  Especially for a smaller space.

The undecorating examples below all come from the Wall Street Journal article on Lemieux's book.

I love the gold chair, but the mantel feels crowded.  And all the different styles in the room seem to be competing with each other.

The artfully unmade bed.  One of the ideas behind undecorating is to welcome guests into a home as it is lived in.

I do like the contrast of pink and black in this room.

Let me know what you think about "undecorating"?



Cozy Little House said...

Na, I don't think that is me. It would nearly be earth-shattering if my bed wasn't made each day! Just me!

laney said...

...wellll...i think i like my bed to be made up...and i have mellowed after 40 years of marriage to actually waiting for my husband to get out of bed before i start trying to make it up...we southerners want to be ready for company at all i like that first room...maybe too many conflicting styles...but that is what a home is all about...things and people collected over time... have great day dear friend...(i have to think about that pink and black room)...

Claud said...

I love the pattern on the sheets and bed spread! Do you know where they came from?

Thanks :-)

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Claud, I don't know where those sheets came from. I also like them. You might take a look at the Pottery Barn catalog, where I think there is something similar.

Cheers, Genevieve

Genevieve Ferraro said...


Your comments are priceless! I don't like unmade beds either.


Genevieve Ferraro said...

Brenda, I'm with you on making the bed each day!

Cheers, Genevieve

Susan said...

Hi Genevieve! First -- I must tell you that only a few of the photos from the WSJ article appear in the book "Undecorate". Some of the photos were unrelated to the book but were spaces that Katie Roiphe, the author of the WSJ article, used to illustrate her ideas about personal spaces. I am not finished with the book yet (am I one of the few people who buy "coffee table books" to read?) but there are quite a few examples in the book of homes where space is at a premium and the book discusses how the owners (or in some instances, the renters) tried to create the illusion of more space.
Regarding the photo of the unmade bed -- Christine Lemieux, the author, is a textile designer and founder of DwellStudio. I'm not 100% certain -- and can't reach my daughter on the phone but the sheets may be DwellStudio. I do know for certain that the sheets came from anthropologie -- because I bought them for my daughter as a gift several years ago.

Susan said...

Oops -- I forgot to mention -- what really enticed me to purchase this book is that the homes of two design bloggers I follow - Lisa Borgnes Giramonti of A Bloomsbury Life and Valorie Hart, Visual Vamp -- are featured.

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Hi Susan! Thanks so much for the scoop on the 'Undecorating' book. I'm so glad you bought it and filled us in on the whole story. I'd love to see the smaller spaces. I'll have to take a look at the book.

And I just have to tell everyone that Susan is one of the most knowledgeable people out there about design blogs! Susan doesn't have her own blog, but she keeps up with all the best and latest postings on the most trendy and important style blogs. You should really take a peek at 'A Bloomsbury Life' and 'Visual Vamp'.

A big hug to you Susan!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not for me. In my opinion, "undecorated" is a bit too much like "lazy" and "messy". Every one of those photos made me want to jump up and put things in order.

Kate said...

For the person who asked about the sheets - the woman who wrote Undecorating has a company called DWELL. The sheets are available through them, and i believe their design.