Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keep Smiling!

This post has nothing to do with Jewel Box® homes.  I just had to share the most wonderful photos from NPR of the new baby giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo.  This little guy made me grin from ear to ear.

These days, I mentally catalog anything that makes me smile.  It distracts me from the constant stream of little crisis that keep popping up. Like my younger son crashing both our cars this past weekend.  And my mother-in-law, who we moved into a nursing home two weeks ago, falling three times on Sunday and ending up in the hospital. By the way, The New Old Age blog carried by the New York Times, is filled with information and solutions covering aging and elder care.  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, at least my life is not dull!  I tuned into Oprah the other day for a rerun on people facing financial challenges.  It seemed a good place to pick-up some tips.  The first guest was a single mother trying to pay the bills.  Oprah's advice, "You are still alive and breathing, focus on that."  That life changing advice made me feel soooo much better!!!

My motto these days, survival equals success.  

So here is that glorious baby giraffe.  Enjoy!



  1. How cute Marie! Baby animals always make me smile!! Hope Marc is ok. Love Kelley

  2. Such a sweet baby giraffe! By the way, I love, love, love the Jewel Box Home website. I submitted my "small home" story a few weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything. I am wondering if the website is still "current" as far as reader stories and etc. I noticed that the current newsletter is from last spring. Are you still accepting and publishing stories from readers?


  3. ...thought of you genevieve...on their way up from florida...our family stopped in montgomery to break up the trip and to take our 2 year old grandbaby to the zoo...the highlight of the day was his getting to feed a baby giraffe...who was seven feet tall...we were all smiling at the thought of our baby feeding that baby...hugs...