Monday, May 2, 2011

Before and After Looks

Today I'd like to share some fun 'before and after' looks. But first, I have to tie up a few loose ends.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who comments, even though I so rarely get a chance to respond.  

During the week I'm often working until 7:00 pm and usually on the weekends as well.  I'm lucky to work at a terrific company with a lovely group of people.  But it doesn't leave much time to get back to all of you as frequently as I would like!

Laney, June and Judy, I owe you all emails and notes! I love reading your comments!  And thanks to all the Jewel Box® visitors... Ella, The Cozy House, The Cool Mom, Laurie, Mary, Kelley and Skooter8, to name just a few.  Most of you have blogs and I'd love it if you left links to your sites in the comments section. 

Now a big shout out to Joyce who asked if the Jewel Box® Home website is still up and running.  The answer is yes, but it definitely needs restyling for 2011.  With Amber's help, I'm hoping to get caught up on the newsletters and reader stories.  Joyce, I promise to post your story soon.  I loved it and know everyone else will too! 

And 'Friendly Fridays', are starting up again after Memorial Day.  If you would like to have your house featured, send a short email and photos to  I'd love to share your beautiful homes and tips.

Paging through 'before and after' looks is one of my favorite things to do.  Today's looks are from Chicago Home + Garden Magazine. Most of these are larger homes, but the colors and furniture styles would work well in smaller rooms. 

The colors in this room are so refreshing and elegant.  I actually like this wallpaper, probably because it doesn't look like wallpaper.

For those of you who want a bigger kitchen, but don't want to move or put on an addition, here is an idea.  Move the kitchen to the living room.  That is what these homeowners did. 

It seems like most houses have one of these ugly little powder rooms shown in the before photo above.  But replace the vanity with a cabinet and built in sink, add a mirror and sconce lighting and the space becomes a little jewel.
The apartment in the last two photos is 1400 square feet total.  Notice that the floor did not change, but the use of a cream wall color and spare modern furniture throughout, gives the space an airy pulled together look. 


  1. We are renovating and my kitchen will have a similar look and feel. I love the happily ever afters.

  2. ...oh...that powder room gives me the sconces...and i cannot wait for friendly fridays to begin...hugs...

  3. Laney,

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I so look forward to your visits!


  4. PVE,

    What a thrill to have you comment on Jewel Box! Can't wait to see your new kitchen. You all MUST stop by PVE design blog. It is one of my favorites although I can't visit as much as I would like. As soon as my hubby gets a job, I plan to have PVE do a little art work for Jewel Box®.


  5. ...genenvieve...i am ringing pve's door bell now...

  6. Ok, this whole post made me want to leave work immediately so that I could go home and start redecorating. My favorite is the bathroom... Lovely! XO

  7. The transformations you have discussed are amazing. I pasted your link to my blog.

    The "before" pictures illustrate the typical thinking of maximizing the most space because you "need" it.

    The truth is that character pieces although may be smaller have as equal usable space and more appealing to the eye. Great work on making these pieces a soft focal point.