Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation Checklist

Forgot to mention that I'm in Savannah this week on a college visit with my son.  Here is a checklist from Amber to cover all those prevacation errands.

Did I turn off the coffee pot?  Shut the garage door?  Remember to pack my toothbrush?  As I prepare to travel on a family vacation, I find myself filled with anxiety before I ever leave the house.  This year I am ahead of the game with my checklist.  I thought I'd share it with you since 'tis the season for summer travel.  As you prepare to leave your little Jewel Box® Home, make sure you get the following checked off your list!

  • Stop that mail!!  Nothing tells a would-be thief that your home is unoccupied like a mailbox crammed with mail and four newspapers in the driveway.  

  • Arrange to have your lawn mowed.  Surely some kind neighbor or family member will help you out during your time away!  Not only is this also a theft-deterrent, but who wants to come home to yard work?

  •  Set your air conditioner at a higher setting.  

  • Set lights and a radio on a timer.  Just an hour or so on at night makes a house look occupied. 

  • Board your pets! 

  • Ask your neighbor to park in your driveway every other day or so. 

  • Before you leave take one last look around and don't forget to turn off that coffee pot and shut the garage door.

  • Relax and have fun!


  1. Have fun in Savannah! I went to school there too - go AASU! And thanks for all the good tips.

  2. Hi Claud,Thanks for your note! Savannah is gorgeous! Never been here before, but I'm falling in love with this lovely city.

  3. ...oh genevieve!...i am so happy to hear that you are loving our truly is a jewel of a city...hope it is not too hot...have been busy with a visit with grandchildren...but not to busy to think of you...

  4. Dear Laney, I absolutely fell in love with Savannah! It was very hot, but still gorgeous. And SCAD is now Marc's top choice for college. He also liked the soccer coach who made a special point of stopping to visit with us. What a magical city!


  5. Great tips. We were just in Savannah today!