Sunday, August 4, 2013

Random Scenes From The Jewel Box® Home

Some random scenes from the Jewel Box® Home as I continue to adjust to life without my father. work clothes and heels doing a little gardening just after coming home from the office  - notice the work id hanging from my neck. 

...our new cavalier puppy Walter Peyton named after the all-star Chicago Bears player.  Buddy, our Blenheim cavalier, died shortly after my father passed away.

...close up of Walter on the back patio.

...the peach trees are doing well this year.

...our patio has a new look.  I stopped trying to grow grass, thyme or any small plants between the patio squares.  (There were too many empty patches, it was never going to look like a Southern Living magazine.) I have now filled in all empty 'cracks' with pea gravel. 

I know, the chairs need cushions, but it has been low on my list.

...back entrance to patio.

....a recent arrangement in my kitchen window.  Annabel hydrangeas from my front yard and young pears branches from my trees in the side yard.  Full disclosure, the apples are from the store.  LOL.

... photos of my dad and mom on the side board in the kitchen next to the back door.  I spend most of my time at home in the kitchen and love having these happy memories nearby.

... a favorite new spot to read and relax in the sun room.  I chaise is an old chair I recovered from my bedroom and brought down next to the patio door.  On nice days I open the door and love to cat nap by the breeze.  The pillow with Walter's name is from Ballard Designs. 

...Walter likes the chaise too!

...and before I go, a big thank you to Laney who still sends me emails everyday!!!



  1. so happy to see these pictures...the yard is lovely...the puppy is precious...and the lady is special...blessings laney

  2. Laney, dear friend, so wonderful to see your comment. Blessings to you also, Genevieve