Friday, September 6, 2013

Friendly Fridays - The Triplets

This is one of the triplets!  Three darling houses near my neighborhood all lined up in a row.  That is why I call them the triplets.

The first triplet is a gray colonial.

The brick on the lower half is painted a light gray.  The siding up above is a complimentary shade of gray.  The roof, shutters, gutters and front door are all black.  Accents are in bright brass - notice the kick plate and front light to the right.  The landscaping is perfect - pink hydrangeas next to azaleas - which look gorgeous in the spring - boxwood, pink impatiens to the left and white begonias along the front walkway.

The second triplet is a red brick colonial.

This is a classic!  Red brick on the lower half and traditional white siding up above.  Shutters and roof are black.  Notice the small windows on the front door mimic the garage door windows along the top row.  The landscaping again is lovely.  A mixture of grasses with azaleas to the right - this are a gorgeous purple in the spring.  The shrub next to the front door also blooms in the spring, but I'm not sure of its identity.  It might be a star magnolia.

Here is my favorite triplet.

A stunning little salt box!  I would take this charmer any day!  The house is brick painted white, a black roof and black shutters.  Notice the wrought iron side fence at the entry way and the brick walkway.  I also love the dormer windows and the front lantern.  As with the other two triplets, the landscaping is lovely.  Azaleas and boxwood are the foundation plantings with pachysandra for ground cover.  The tree next to the garage is wonderful serviceberry.

And now for my favorite part of my favorite triplet.

Take a look at the half-moon window above the garage. Above that is a tiny chimney with a black weather vane.  I could not get close enough to capture the weather vane, but take my word for it, the whole effect is like something out of Mary Poppins - really just like a fairy tale.

Someday I will be brave enough to ask the owners to go inside for a peek!


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  1. ...oh what a beautiful neighborhood you live in genevieve!...i love the triplets too...blessings laney