Thursday, June 5, 2014

Friendly Friday - Trading in the Big House for a Jewel Box® with Room for the Grandchildren

Here is my good friend's house.  She just moved into this little gem from the large home where she raised her three children.  She is now an empty nester, but you can see her priorities are in the right place.  There is not much furniture in her new home, but she is ready for the grandchilren to stop by!


No furniture in the dining room except for her grandson's high chair.  She has her priorities straight!

 The breakfast nook next to the pantry cabinets. 

 A housewarming gift on a side table.

 The view to the living room through the French door next to the kitchen.

 Like the dining room, the only furniture in the living room is for for her grandson.  Grandmother and grandson rocking chairs side-by-side, next to the fireplace.  Perfect for story-time.

 The passage way to the stairs up to the second floor.

There are beautiful hardwood floors throughout the house.  The lovely grain of the wood is especially visible on the stairs.


 The blue bathroom at the top of the stairs.

 The blue bedroom.

The antique childrens tea set in the blue room.

The gray guest room.

 The master bedroom with a floor to ceiling bay window.  The light in this room is glorious!

 A close up of the lamp shade on the bedroom lamps.  The beading is lovely!

The antique cherry cabinet with a collection of miniature jewelry boxes on top.

Now this is what I call an organized closet!

Until next Friday!



  1. ...this is all just so home is empty that is filled with a grandmother's love and and a grandchild's laughter...this grandmother is right on target...blessings to her in this wonderful new phase of life...laney

  2. Laney, you have such a way with words! My friend, Doreen, will be thrilled with your comment! This has been a big decision for her and she will absolutely love your view of this new phase in her life. Genevieve