Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

My two sons are huge sports fans.  Neither one are big talkers, so I started following Chicago sports teams to prompt some moments of family conversation. To my surprise, I have become a sports fan.  The games are fun, but what I really enjoy is the 'whole backstory' on the players and teams. Hands down sports coverage has more drama than any 'Real Housewives' episode!  I'm still trying to decide if Tom Brady knew about the deflated playoff footballs, but I wanted the Patriots to win so I am happy!

Why am I telling you all this?  Because instead of relaxing with chips and salsa at a fun Super Bowl party, I was cleaning my double oven.  My favorite kitchen space saving tips are going to be featured on Small Spaces and I had to get the oven ready for its close-up.  As a double oven with the same dimensions as a standard single oven, it is a huge space saver!

So what do you all think of my sparkling oven?  It only took me the full 13 1/2 hours of Super Bowl coverage to make it look 'brand new'.  I'm still cranky about my afternoon of oven cleaning, but after 15-years of heavy use, she is still a beauty.

Of course, just a few days later, spills and smudges are again showing up.

This is rapini in the pot and salt spilled in the front.  When it comes to cooking, I am very messy!

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  1. It certainly doesn't look 15 years old! I love these ovens. Or at least, I love what I imagine these ovens would be like to use!

    Of course he knew. The Patriots have a long history of cheating.

    It's very ingenious (and sneaky in a way only a mother could pull off) to want to learn about sports so you could have more conversations with your sons. Great thinking! And it's funny that you actually became a fan in the process. I was recently thinking of doing the same thing, lol .

  2. Hello there Anonymous. Loved you comment! First about the ovens. Thanks for the compliment on its looks. And it is a dream to use. I highly recommend mine, which is a Maytag.

    Now for the fun part of you comment about sports. I am on the fence about whether Tom Brady knew, but as you said, the Patriots do have that history of cheating, so Brady probably did know. He must be pulling a 'Lance Armstrong' on us. BTW, if you have not seen 'Lance Armstrong: Stop at Nothing', drop everything and watch it. OK, that was a little strong, but watch it at your earliest opportunity. One of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen, it covers sports, cheating not just by Lance, but involvement of the whole sport marketing machine, all the way up to when announcements were made during Obama's campaign for president! I made both my boys watch it and they were 'blown away'.

    As you can see, I really do enjoy all the sports 'backstories' and it really has been fun. I highly recommend it as a way to connect with boys. One last thing, my key to success has been watching ESPN and taking a daily look at the ESPN website. That will get you up to speed asap. LOL.

  3. After living in Ohio, where EVERYONE is a football fan, I've been pretty much avoiding any games except the Super Bowl. This year though, like you, I was working on the house, so I only caught the beginning, the halftime and the very end. We had 10 bucks riding on the Patriots, so I'm glad they won, but normally I couldn't care less. I'm a Bears fan from way back in 1985 :)

    The oven looks great! When will you be featured?


  4. Love that you are a Bears fan! Our dog Walter, is named after the great Bears player, Walter Peyton. The Bears were a sorry looking bunch this past season. Maybe the worst team in the NFL! LOL.

    Thanks for your compliments on the oven. I definitely spent way too much time cleaning it! I took both doors off, unscrewed and cleaned all four glass windows for each oven, cleaned the inside of both ovens, then reassembled the whole thing. It really did take all day, but on the plus side, I am now qualified as a Maytag oven cleaning and repair specialist! LOL.

  5. Oops! Forgot to mention when to look for me on You should be able to find me this Monday, February 9th, at Rue, thanks for asking and I will keep everyone posted.

  6. Oh you're better than I am... I have yet to unscrew the glass window lol

    I'll be waiting for an update ;)


  7. ...oh my...I am the english teacher who married the phys ed sports have certainly been in my life for the past 45 years...I usually start out watching what happens to be THE game of the moment...and last until about half time...and then i sort of meander out of the room for a moment...not to return for hours...i find turning my tiny food pantry into a china closet so much more fun than watching sports (except when the braves were playing the world series...or more importantly...our son was playing school ball)...and i do understand that urge to clean that oven...which looks absolutely amazing...the simple fact takes different people...with different interests to make a house a home...the phys ed teacher happily installed a new light in the new china closet...and I was sympathetic when his team lost.. so opposites can attract...even when one reads shakespeare...and one reads sports illustrated...

  8. Hi Dear Laney. What an enjoyable post. I too get disctracted. Believe me, I can never sit in front of the game for the full game, let alone, pre- and post- coverage. And I am SO glad you mentioned shakespeare. I just watched a terrific PBS show explaining 'King Lear' and interviewing actors who have played the role. I have never truly understood or appreciated it until watching that show. I am now convinced that King Lear is the most brilliant piece of writing out there to capture the emotional trauma of a parent faced with the unimaginable - rejection of a child. Now I know who to come to discuss Shakespeare! Love, Genevieve