Friday, April 11, 2008

Decorators Don't Always Know Best

My decorator made me do it!

Just because a professional interior decorator creates a look for you or subscribes to a particular trend, does not automatically make it a good idea. You may not like the look, or it may not be right for your home. In other cases, a decorator creates a space that is so unique and cutting-edge, that it is uncomfortable for both family and friends. A friend of mine, after
purchasing a new home, decided to splurge on an interior decorator for help with her living and dining rooms. She hates the end result, but she lives with it because she paid so much money to her decorator and spent so much on the furniture. The lesson here is, just because you hire a decorator doesn't mean you have to do whatever they want. Be assertive about your likes and dislikes. And never forget, you can always fire your decorator!

Let's take a look at the room in the picture. There are many things right about it. The scale of the furniture is in keeping with the proportions of the space, the chairs and table have nice clean silhouettes, there are black accents and the curved base of the table is visually appealing. But the color scheme completely blots out all these positives.

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