Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The Summer/Fall 2008 edition of Jewel Box sm Living is ready! Featured articles include:
  • No Mud Room? No Problem!
  • Accessories and the Smaller Home
  • You Can Do It! The Cocktail Party
  • All new "Quick Tips"
For the autumn entryway look shown above, read about Tea Lights under "Quick Tips". To see the complete Summer/Fall 2008 edition of Jewel Box sm Living visit and click on the Jewel Box sm Living newsletter tab.

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  1. I just found your website and blog. I love it!

    From the photos I've looked at of your home I think our houses are almost identical. It looks to me that you have a 1920's Dutch Colonial. Am I right?

    I think jewelbox homes are the best kept secret. We love ours and have spent the past 14 years getting it fixed up. It was stuck in the 70's when we bought it.

  2. I come to you by way of the Inspired Room- I love it- I will be stopping back in often- for more ideas- I need your ideas
    Thanks for sharing

  3. can i just say i love your site! i came over from inspired room and i'm totally working on this. We've got a 980sq ft house and trying to figure out how to make it my gem!
    this is so inspiring!

  4. i'm so glad to find you. we are in the midst of a move which will require buying a much smaller house than we have now (2200 sq. ft). we have 7 kids and 2 black labs, but the oldest 3 are teenagers, and we know this is doable. we are excited to find a cozy charmer with a good layout--it's tough to find large houses with big enough eating areas for us all to fit around one table.
    jodi moving from fl to pa

  5. I too came over, from 'The Inspired Home' blog.

    Lovely! I look forward to visiting here, and your other sites.


  6. So happy to find your blog -- you seem to be one of the happiest, most upbeat bloggers around (particularly not bemoaning the fact you live in a smaller home but 200 sq. ft. bigger than mine - lol). After leaving you a comment after being referred by the Inspired Room blog, I talked about growing up in a "bigger" home in the Chicagoland area, so it was great fun to find you live in Chicago (I never meet any bloggers from "my" city). Anyway, will go back to your blog now that I've said hello and hope to find a "subscribe" button as it makes it easier to know when you've updated after I come home from work.