Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where do you store the kids?

Put kids in the basement. Mine are the boys at the ends on the left and right.

This past week my friend and neighbor put her house up for sale. Why? They want more room for their three children. Space for kids and all their 'stuff' is the most common reason people move to a bigger house.

But what if you don't want to move or can't trade-up? A quiet corner can always be found for a baby and crib along with extra drawer space for those darling little clothes. But what about toddlers and their 'developmental' toys? Or grade-school kids and all the equipment that goes with the 'I'm trying out for everything phase' or the newest 'everyone has one' gadget/toy? And where do you put a 6' 1" teen age boy and his library of video gaming equipment? What about a moody 16-year-old girl, her make-up, hair accessories and all those clothes?

Many of you are literally standing on the answer. Put the kids and all their stuff in the basement!

Here is how I do it.
A small basement storage closet at the bottom of the steps.

A study/game table and couch.

The music, television and video game 'control' center.

The computer and study center. Games, books and supplies are kept in the cabinets. (The green cord running to the television is some kind of elaborate set-up for video games. I can't begin to tell you how it works.)

Basement shower under the stairs.

The basement bathroom.

Basement vanity and small sink.

A close-up of the couch. The commercial grade carpet used in office buildings is more than seven years old.

Basement lounging. My boys are the two on the left. And notice those feet on the pillow. This is the reason to always choose durable stain resistant furniture for basement use.

Until next time!



  1. Do you have any suggestions for someone who does not have a basement?

  2. Inpressive basement! Mine is just full of junk, guess I need to reclain that space.

  3. So those of us living in a small house with kids and no basement...what do we do?

  4. Hi Ladies,

    I hear you about what to do with kids when you don't have a basement. That is a problem for many of us with small houses! And I plan to cover that sticky question in my next post. Thanks for asking!

    More to come...