Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swedish Design for Small Spaces

Isn't the little entry above beautiful?  It's called Swedish design.  I just love this look for small spaces!  It's meant to bring natural light and airiness into Swedish homes during long winters, but the soft hues, painted furniture and pale flooring are ideal for small spaces.  

And how perfect are these painted cabinets?  This pale lavender is a typical color found in the Swedish decorating palette.

Robin's egg blue accents and light sand color washes are also part of a Swedish look.  Fabulous isn't it?  I just love how the space looks bathed in sunlight and feels so serene.

And the look is carried right through to the nursery.  Just darling!

Now I have to warn you, original Swedish furniture is very expensive.  But you can create this look at a fraction of the price by painting furniture using pale color washes and upholstering pieces in light sand or pale blue fabric.  And of course the white walls can be had for the cost of a few cans of primer and paint.

Until next time!



  1. I love this look. I am not sure I can live with it. But it sure is pretty to look at.

  2. I agree with you Laurie. This look is very pretty to look at and it is lovely in small spaces. But an entire house done in a 'Swedish Palette' can be a little stark. Although Swedish elements can blend beautifully with other looks.

    Thanks for your comment!