Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friendly Fridays - A Cottage Treasure

Doesn't this cottage look like it's right out of a fairy tale?  This is Sandy's little 9 x 14 foot Victorian studio in the Catskills that she rehabbed herself.  Sandy and I are both members of the Small House Society and for today's 'Friendly Friday' I wanted to share this beautiful treasure she created.

Sandy was interviewed just the other day by The New York Times and you can read the article HERE. Sandy is married, has a full-time job and still managed to create her lovely cottage retreat which we are visiting today.  And The New York Times article has now made her famous!  Sandy also has a blog called  Shabby Streamside Studio which is a wonderful must read for anyone looking to create a casual romantic look in a smaller space.   All photos today are from Sandy's blog and The New York Times article.

Let me show you more of Sandy's studio. Just look at this romantic interior!

This is Sandy's sleeping loft.  Isn't that chandelier fun!  And her little dog ZuZu is posing in front of the bed.

Here is Sandy's china cabinet with all her white Limoges.

Look at these lovely pink and white touches that pull this look together.

Here is a shot from Sandy's loft with a close-up of the chandelier.

And here is Sandy getting photographed for the New York Times article.

ZuZu peeking out from the chair while Sandy is photographed.

Isn't this a fabulous shot of Sandy and her husband? 

Don't forget to visit Sandy's blog at My Shabby Streamside Studio. 



  1. does indeed look like something out of a fairy tale...even the doggie is perfect!

  2. This reminds me of the "doll house" my neighbor girls had when we were growing up. Well, THIS is more fancy... but it was the size to hold 8 year olds so we could stand up without bending over. Fun days were spent in that "club house".

  3. LOL! Well, that truly is a SMALL house! It's lovely, though a little frou-frou for my taste. I would, however, kill for that gothic window. Every home should have it's own gothic window. :-)

  4. Oh my word! What bliss!! How utterly enchanting. :-) Thank you so much for sharing this. Sigh, I just love it. :-)

  5. Swoon! I love this little cottage, it looks so tucked away and exactly what I always wished I would stumble upon wandering through a garden or forest.
    Just beautiful!

  6. Thanks for the kind remarks on my "beachy bedroom". My house is small, 1400 sq. ft....I'm gonna follow your blog so I can learn your secrets!

  7. Oh, my, I just love this petite castle!
    What a dreamy place to think, read and love;)