Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Love

Lighten up this summer!  Literally.  I challenge you to take this season to become your home, your life, your heart.
 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Clean your windows!  Let the sunshine in.  Remove heavy curtains and hang something thin and fluttery.

Set out bowls of peaches and tangerines or baskets of shiny yellow lemons.  Daisies in mason jars?  Yes, please!
  Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Go on a picnic!  Pack a basket of sandwiches, brownies, watermelon and sun tea.  Essential summer eating.

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

A palette of color taken from English china-pink and pale greens, light blue white and peach.  Cool, light and airy.  Ahhhh....

Tuck a bouquet of dried flowers among the logs in your fireplace.

Go outside and play!  Softball...croquet...catch fireflies!

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Have a campfire.  Mmmm...s'mores!

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Remove all the coats, hates and scarves from their hooks and replace them with straw hates and a garden smock.

Go swimming at the lake or beach.

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Use quilts and vintage linens for your tablecloth.

Old flower creamers make nice vases for tiny bouquets.  Find them at yard sale and flea markets.

Flag down the ice cream man!  Buy something from his old-fashioned ice cream truck and reminisce about your childhood summers.

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Eat in the backyard.  Set a festive table or spread out an old quilt.  Everything tastes better when eaten outside.
  Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Seashells and bird houses make wonderful summer decor!

Lighten colors in your rooms.  Remove heavy quilts and spreads-use old fashioned white cotton bedspreads or light duvets.  Replace couch pillows with lighter colors, take up rugs and replace them with sisal rugs or just let the floor be bare.  Summerize!

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Grow something sweet smelling next to your honeysuckle or lavender.  I have a big pot of rosemary growing on my back deck...just a slight breeze and mmmm....sweet smells!

Eat a popsicle!

It doesn't take much to bring whimsy and delight to your Jewel Box® Home!   Now go outside and play. 



  1. I LOVE that curtain used on the porch.... sad to say, I don't have a porch on my current house.
    But thanks for the idea... I hope I can use in the future.

  2. Beautiful summery images! I do take down curtains for the summer, replacing them with sheers or with nothing at all -- depending on the room and the tolerance of neighbors!

    My mother had pure white toweling slipcovers made for her upholstered furniture and in June, down would come the darker draperies, up would go crisp white, and the sofas and chairs would get their summer duds on; I can still remember how our little bare legs looked, pockmarked from the terrycloth fabric, after we sat on the sofas in our shorts!

    This was in the 1960s ... she might have been ahead of her time!

    Now I think I'll go pull down some more curtains, neighbors notwithstanding! :-)