Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jewel Box® Home Quick Tips - Sofa Magic

My son and buddy 'napping' on the family room sofa.

So how can you keep sofas looking good even though they are constantly used by family members?  Both the human and pet variety? 

My mother-in-law is Italian and she covers her furniture in plastic.  My solution is something I call 'sofa magic'.  Family, pets and all kid 'friends' are only allowed to sit, lounge or sleep on the 'everyday' side of the sofa cushion. 

Notice how faded and worn my family room sofa looks from years of use.  And by the way, that's how couches should look on their 'everyday' sides.  Why do we decorate and create beauty in our homes?  For family and friends to use and enjoy.

But you will want to put your best foot forward for company, so here is the magic part. When guests or visitors come, I flip the cushion to the 'company' side. 

Sofa cushion being flipped.

And here is the 'company' side of my family room sofa cushion.  It looks brand new!  That's because only guest 'behinds' touch the cushion fabric on this side.

Sofa cushion company side up.

Full view of the family room sofa ready for company.

In case you are interested, this fabric came from Calico Corners.  And I don't know why some of the photos look yellow.  I'm still trying to figure out this camera.

'Talk' to you later this week!


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