Friday, July 2, 2010

Friendly Fridays - This is not a dollhouse!!

For this Friendly Friday, Amber has uncovered a real treat!

So you think your house is small????  I just found the most darling builder of vacation homes, Creative Cottages who are putting a whole, new spin on vacation homes.  If this was my vacation home, I'd never want to go back to regular life!

I love this builder's philosophy of building really high-end cottages.  When perusing his website, I noticed his story about how one day he had a moment of clarity when building yet another McMansion and realized that bigger is not always better.

The builder and owner of the company talks about clients who came to him during the course of his career who thought that a larger room was more function and easier to live in when really in his own words he says " a well-designed, intimate space is always more comfortable.”

I mean which of us wouldn't rather have a single slice of really good cheese to go with our one glass of delicious, vintage red wine instead of an entire bottle of Easy Cheez and a gallon of cheap wine that makes you sick??  I'll take the aged cheddar, please!

I want simple luxury myself please!!!  Pick me!  Hard wood flooring, marble countertops, creative storage solutions and top of the line appliances made for small-space living.  Sign me up!!

I love knowing that not only are the minds and hearts of American homebuyers turning to smaller homes, but also the minds and hearts of the American Builder.


Now I'm driving out to Des Moines to visit my sister for 4th of July and interview a high school friend who lives with her husband and twelve children  in a 2000 sq. ft. house!  I'll have photos and the interview next week.

But first, I'm linking this post to Melissa at the Inspired Room. Melissa hosts a very fun blog party every Friday and today I'm participating with a link.  Take a moment to check out her inspiring post about funky junk and visit a few other inspiring bloggers.



  1. That house is perfection!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Sweet! I love that small house... reminds me of the cabin we visit. Bed in one corner, fireplace in other corner, kitchen in 3rd corner, bathroom in 4th corner.

  3. ...oh my perfectly perfect can something be!

  4. I'll take this sweet little cottage at the beach please!

  5. Very cool I love how it is so different from everything else you see , thank you for this great design :) ....