Thursday, July 1, 2010

Really Cool Stuff for Small Spaces

Here is some really cool stuff for small spaces.  But first, a big thank you to everyone for your kind and funny comments on my post 'Things I Hate About My Small House'.  I know I should look on the bright side and be grateful for what I have, but during this 'Great Recession', as I like to call it, that's easier said than done.

Just the other day, a panhandler asked me for change.  I found myself raising my voice and said, "Other people have problems too, you know!  Why do you think I have any money!"  Before I was finished he ran away like I was crazy and hasn't been on his usual corner for over a week.

And then, at a party this past Saturday a good friend mentioned that his job is to make the money and his wife's job is to spend it.  So I asked him, "How can I be part of that plan?  Do you need a mistress?" He laughed nervously, because my tone implied I was only half-joking.

To top it off, a new sign my co-worker put up says, "Cheer-up. The worst is yet to come."  So I want to thank all of you for making me smile.  You are just wonderful!  Even when you disagree with me.

As promised, here are some great finds for small spaces.  Just look at this futon that turns into a bed.  It is flanked by two freestanding cabinets that look like built-ins.  And the pull-out shelf is a perfect nightstand!

Photo Better Homes and Gardens

This is a pull out sink!  Here it is used in a hall closet measuring just 38 x 57  to create a powder room.  The flexible spa hose makes it possible to slide the sink in and out of the wall.
Photo Better Homes and Gardens

Everything about this toilet is perfect for a small space, except the price.  It's called the Purist Hat Box Toilet from Kohler and costs over $4,000!  But still, just look at that small footprint! 

Now this kitchen is teeny-tiny, but that mirrored back splash makes it seem almost roomy.

And look at this pullout storage for spices and dry goods.

Another great example of pullout storage.  The metal peg board is ideal for hanging cooking utensils.

Here is the latest in small refrigerators.  It's a Liebherr refrigerator-freezer combination (freestanding model CS 1360 shown)  Pricey but perfect for petite kitchens.

And for a restaurant quality stove in a small space, you'll want this 24" Open Burner Range from Viking.  Again, not cheap at $3,939, but really cool!  It also comes in every color you can imagine, including red, orange and cobalt blue.

Yes, this kitchen is small, but the green cabinets and matching refrigerator are stunning!  I would cook here any day.  Monochromatic color schemes, even bright ones, work beautifully in small spaces.

I think we can all agree this is a really small hallway.  But the leather doors make it fabulous!

And when you get a chance, run out and buy the newest issue of House Beautiful with the cover title 'is small THE NEW BIG?  It's not out on news stands yet, but for a quick sneak peak, go to Nick Olsen's blog.  Below is the master bed and kiddie trundle from a family's 390 square foot apartment in New York's East Village.



  1. Honest to gosh, if I could afford a $4,000 potty, I could afford a bigger house. LOL! I like a few of those kitchen ideas...and the futon. And that seriously narrow hallway looks just like home! :-)

  2. You are so right about the toilet Laurie!