Friday, August 13, 2010

Friendly Fridays: Lake Geneva Vacation

This Friday, I'm taking you to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, a small resort town two hours northwest of Chicago, on the shores of a beautiful natural lake.  I've been here this past week on a short vacation.  And I was able to tack on a couple of days all to myself without the family.  It was heaven!

A 21 mile walking path circles the lake and winds past all the gorgeous water front summer cottages, as the locals call them.  Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours on the path and my 'big house envy' returned in full force.  As I passed one stunning lake house after another, I couldn't help but wonder, do the people who live in these houses realize how fortunate they are?  And where do they get all this money?  More surprising to me was the sight of toddlers and small children playing on the lawns and beaches of these homes.  I would have loved to provide my children with this life and these opportunities at such a young age.  (Excuse me while I force my 'ugly side' back into the closet.)
(All photos are from Chicago Home and Garden magazine.)

Earlier in the week I visited Lake Geneva's town and browsed the shops.  I was a good girl and didn't buy anything.  But just look at some of these darling stores!

These finger vases were calling to me.  But I resisted temptation!  

Did you take a vacation this summer?  Or maybe you had a 'staycation'.  Amber and I would love to hear about it.

~ Genevieve


  1. ...well genevieve just scoot on over in that closet...cause i know just how you feel...but i don't really think you have an ugly bone in your body...

  2. I'm sorry -- those "fingerpots" just look creepy to me! But to each his own... The place looks so lovely and inviting. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  3. Mini vacations are nice. Then there aren't so many emails to deal with once you get back to work! This weekend heading for the Iowa State Fair... it eat and watch people.

  4. Our vacation should have started this weekend, but my husband's work schedule interfered. It's now been pushed back to late September. The location - Nashville! One of our favorite destinations, and it will be cooler there by then...hopefully!

    Love the pics from Lake Geneva! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  5. Laney, thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate that virtual hug.

    And it's such fun to hear about everyone's vacation destinations! You all are giving me some great ideas for next year.

    ...and Class of 65, you've got me thinking about those finger pot vases...

  6. Genevieve,

    Oh my goodness - I think we are destined to meet:)

    I love short get aways. I spent my birthday (this past Tuesday) in Lake Geneva. I LOVE THE AREA!

    Found a darling new shop (I think they opened about 1 1/2 years ago)
    Abbellimento and could not resist picking up a sovenir. I purchased a lovely spoon rest for my kitchen with my forever loved flower the Hydrangea. Of course, we could not resist Kilwins fudge before heading back to our room.

    My hubbie promises me a return visit some fall to take one of their wonderful boat cruises. We have taken them before, but never with the fall colors.

    It would have been great to say hi in person. I love all that you and Amber do to make The Jewel Box Home such a fun site to visit.

    I have to agree with you and say Lake Geneva is truly one of the most beautiful places to take a mini vacation.


    P.S. Judy, you will have to visit the Minnesota State Fair sometime and be sure to check out Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies. We went to school together many years ago. A Minnesota favorite by many.

  7. I LOVE Lake Geneva. Until this year, we lived about 30 minutes from that location, so we would head down there for a day trip. We would walk around the lake on the paths and eat lunch at the lovely eateries that faced the lake. So refreshing and also pretty frugal. Thanks for the post. So nice. P.S. I often have the same thoughts when looking at the houses.

  8. June, thanks so much for your very fun post about Lake Geneva! I'm definitely going back and will plan to visit Abellimento. And your very nice compliment for Amber and me is very much appreciated. I love Amber and couldn't do this without her. P.S. it would be such fun to meet. Keeping my fingers crossed that it happens someday.

    Heather, I'm so glad I'm not alone in my thoughts about those lakefront houses. You are too kind to write.