Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Help For Kids Bedrooms!

My kids rooms are always on the cusp of taking over the house!  With two growing girls, make up, toys and stuffed animals spilling into the hallway I am constantly nagging at them to regain order in their little girlie world!  Did I mention they share a room?  I love the clean, simplified style of interior designer Sergei's children's rooms.

Below Photos Courtesy of Home Designing
Most designers seem to have all the space in the world to deal with when children's rooms are the feature.  Areas where storage and play room is no issue.  Large desks and window seats are abundant and queen sized beds are covered in matching stylish duvets and pillowcases.  That could never happen in my 1,200 square foot house.  We scrape every square inch together to maximize living space.  That includes the kids' room!  Sergei works with less space and creates more out of it.  Study spaces, adequate storage for clothing, professional lighting, room for books and even creative ideas for sharing a room or guest sleepovers...all done in a realistically small area.  I love Sergei!



  1. I don't have any kids, but even AS a kid, I would dream about my idea rooms - either cozy like these ones with everything fitted just so, or marvelous fantasy ones in a large round room with beds tucked into alcoves and scenes from the Chronicles of Narnia painted on the ceiling. A girl can dream, can't she? :-)

  2. oh snap. i don't want that for kids - i want that for myself!

  3. I can't imagine my kiddo ever keeping his room as tidy as the Sergei examples. The style is very organized, but a bit too bland "college dorm room" for my taste.