Friday, August 27, 2010

Little House Big Color

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Amber has a real treat for us today!  Wait till you see this gorgeous colorful little house!

Sand, sun, water and wind.  I love the beach.  It makes me think of soft color palettes, light blues and sandy whites, pale yellows, starfish and seashells.  This little 600 square foot beach cottage off the coast of Nantucket is anything but pale.  Its vibrant colors pop against a pale backdrop of light green and brown. 

Photo Courtesy of Country Living 

The bright red walls remind me of cherries in glass bowls and shiny lobsters ready to be boiled for dinner!  I love the stripes on the couch that seem to unify the multi-colored walls and flooring and doors.  Lovely!

  Photo Courtesy of Country Living

This homeowner was not afraid to paint everything in sight including furniture, doors and ceilings too!  I love the way they created a work of art just by using color.

  Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Each room in this little house has variation-not one room or floor or ceiling is the same color.  Here in the dining room a coral shade decorates the walls, while when looking into the kitchen you can clearly see a hot pink floor!  No fear in this house!

  Photo Courtesy of Country Living

This powder room off the kitchen was fitted for a washer and dryer and even has a small freezer concealed behind linen curtains.  What a stylish way to solve a space issue!

  Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Painting the wide-planked floors in stripes gives dimension to this tiny bathroom.  What a cheery, bright room!

The Homeowner's Rules for Color:

TEST: "For an accurate assessment, paint pieces of shirt cardboard to make large samples and tape them to a wall. Stand eight to 10 feet away with your back to them, and look at them in a hand mirror. It helps you see the color in perspective."
BALANCE: "If you have strong color on one wall, you need to balance it with another strong color."
DON'T MATCH: "It looks too perfect. Nature doesn't work that way; neither should interiors. It's variations in a room that give it depth and personality."
TRY GLOSS: "Not only is a gloss finish more durable, but light bounces off the colors to add life and make small rooms appear larger. It looks fabulous at night!"

This house makes me want to visit our home improvement store this weekend and buy some cans of paint!  Happy weekend!


  1. Amber,

    I'm envious of all the wonderful colors. Something tells me in this traditional house of mine it would look out of place. I bet it is a very happy house to live in.

    Love the tub - reminds me of the one in that charming movie The Holiday and the tub in that little cottage in England:)

  2. Ah, yes...I LOVE this little cottage! In fact, my husband's study is in a similar shade of coral as the dining room...a little deeper, but close. This is my kind of house! :-)