Sunday, September 26, 2010

Closet Chaos

Before treating you to a wonderful post about closets from Amber, I just wanted to let you know that posts from me may be infrequent for awhile.  My wonderful husband is still out of work and it's taking a toll on the family.  I am especially feeling the stress as we consider our options and whether to sell the house.  But as you know, Amber will take very good care of our little 'Jewel Box Home' community and you can expect to hear from her on a weekly basis.  

And now for Amber's insightful and funny post about closets in small houses.  She also has some great tips!

Photo Courtesy of JD Organizer

Is this your closet?  Do you have ample space for perfectly hung apparel and labeled boxes of shoes according to season?  Do you have a folding station in your closet and floor to ceiling mirrors?  Is there a separate cabinet for jewelry and accessories?  Shelves for handbags?  This is not my closet.  My closet is tiny and things fall out of it when you open the door.  I have stacks of handbags and shoes and hats piled on the shelves right up to the ceiling and there are belts hung on a rack that slide off each time I take just one off which means that I normally just go without a belt because I don't want to pick them all up!

Fall weather is quickly upon us and I have been staring with dismay at my sad little closet these past weeks, knowing full well that I need to sort through it as I do each season to weed out summer clothing and replace it with fall and winter wear.  But I don't wanna!!  It is an all day task for me and I just sigh and lean into the door as I close it hoping I can just wear a jacket over short sleeves for the rest of the week.

To get myself motivated to tackle the chore, I have been perusing others' lovely organized storage spaces.   

Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

I have decided the key to closet organization must be cleverness.  You can't let the small space beat you!  I think the trick is to have the correct storage solutions on hand.  This hanging shoe rack is an inexpensive way to keep shoes out from under the bed or on the closet floor.  

Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

These basic, stick-on utility hooks cost less than $2 for a pack of three and help utilize every square inch of closet space while providing a place for hats or bags to hang without crushing them!

Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Out of season clothing or even just items that can't be hung like sweaters or jackets can be stored in these decorative cardboard boxes and stored underneath hanging clothes or at the bottom of a stack of storage boxes.  You could even store winter boots in these cute containers.

Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

My belts may stay hung on this coat rack!  Perfect for scarves too.  I better put this on my list. 
Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

My problem often lies with mixing my belongings up with my husbands in our tiny space.  I find that being diplomatic is hard with my jeans are mixed in with his jeans!  My goal this season is to ensure we each have our own space in the closet and no inter-marrying of clothing happens by accident any more!  I love the canvas totes in this closet.  What a perfect way to store purses and bags.  And the shoe cubbies can be used for his hats too!
Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

By sliding a jewelry organizer into the cubby, this closet owner ensured that she could accessorize easily.  You could also purchase silverware containers for jewelry use to maximize space as well.
 Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

This wall-mounted trouser hanger may be the solution to my jean connundrum.  For less than $10 I can keep our slacks separate and nicely ironed!

I think I'm motivated and passionate about my closet chaos now!  I can do this...I'm ready!!



  1. Lovely closetry...trying to figure out how to make that work in my nice long closet that has a 6' ceiling in front and a 4' ceiling in back. eek.

    Take care, Genevieve. Hope all works out and you're back soon.

  2. Found your site when searching for a wooden trouser rack online. Was curious if you ended up purchasing one and from where you found them for only $10!?!? I like the one you have pictured as it only has 10 bars ... all the ones I am finding online have many more and I don't need that many :)