Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Mess Makeover!

 Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

One thing that always annoys me about some remodeling projects featured in magazines or online is the massive construction efforts required to complete the "look" that the homeowner wanted to achieve.  I don't know about you readers, but my family isn't always up for knocking a wall down here, installing granite countertops there or re-wiring an entire upstairs level just to achieve a vision in my head.  
 Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

Living Area Before

 The thing that most attracted me to this bungalow remodel was, not only the small size of the home, but the fact that remodel was done on a (gasp) budget and there were no major renovations in the form of construction that were performed to achieve their goals. 

Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

Living Area After
With the simple addition of some paint, a rug and a few artfully placed accessories, this living area was transformed into an airy, but cozy room that welcomes each visitor into the home with open arms. 
 Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

Dark furniture and an abundance of wall art gave the appearance of too much clutter in the small breakfast/dining nook.

 Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

 By swapping out the old table with a new, round one that fits the area and placing it on a rug with some new light, airy window treatments, this dining area was transformed with no heavy demolition.
 Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

The guest bedroom's striking architecture went unnoticed, due to the dull wall color and outmoded linens.

 Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

With the simple addition of some wallpaper and new, inexpensive linens guests will be thrilled to spend a weekend in this charming space!

 Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

No room for a claw foot tub or jacuzzi?  No budget for installation of a curtains-free shower?  Not me!

 Photo Courtesy of  Country Living

This dull bathroom now has pizzazz with just a little wallpaper and the replacement of standard fixtures with some unique implements.

I'm not up for major construction. dust and demolition and excavation and months of rebuilding!  I love the thought of a new look achieved with some fabric, new fixtures and artful re-arranging of furniture!



stellans said...

We recently redid our kitchen: no new appliances, but did install quartz countertops and new linoleum after repainting the existing cupboards. I had one bank of cabinet doors left off, because I'm a fan of open cabinets. I'm including links of a before and after shot.


laney said...

...lovely!...but best of all so glad to hear from you...we've missed our jewel box home ladies!

Melissa said...

No mess is the best, but there is such fun in the demo portion of a larger project.

Jeannine said...

May I just say that I like the before room pictures better than the afters (except for maybe the bathroom, but I'm not sure about that either)!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Friendly Fridays! Seeing real homes that people make work for their families is very helpful.

Laurie said...

Wow, love this makeover! What a cute little place. :-)