Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Decorating with Pumpkins

There's a chill in the air here at our little Jewel Box Home!  The leaves are slowly changing and some are drifting downward in the breeze.  Last weekend I tackled the dreaded Closet Chaos and brought the sweaters and long-sleeved fall wardrobe down from the attic.  There was a Harvest Moon last week and all these seasonal changes has my fingers itching to decorate my home for Autumn.

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

This time of year makes me think of Halloween and hayrides, backyard bonfires and bowls of chili, friends and football, caramel apples and crunch leaves.  

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Some of my very favorite ways to decorate my little house is to use what I have to bring the outdoors inside!  I love these carved pumpkins on this candelabra!  Instant votives to set the mood for your outdoor gathering.  
 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

What better floral arrangement for your table scape than a bunch of colorful Autumn leaves?  I also love the side table in the background that displays pumpkins filled with greenery, catkins and mums.  Autumn at its finest!
 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Of course who can resist the urge to purchase pumpkins during this festive season?  I am a sucker for the bumpy, lopsided dis-colored ones that others pass over.  They just seem to have more character to me and they are perfect for carving and poking little twinkle lights into to make vases or lanterns!
 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Big brambly wreaths on the front door, mums on the porch, pumpkins and gourds leaning lazily on the front steps!  Welcome Fall!
Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Who says only floral wreaths and greenery can grace your stoop?  This homeowner has embellished her entryway with pumpkins galore.  Even on the wreath!

 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Autumn, to me, says candlelight...table lamps as opposed to overhead lighting....fires in the fireplace...the soft glow of an oil lamp.  
 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Pumpkins under glass, in bowls, on shelves, displayed in baskets?  Yes, please!
 Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Don't forget to use old quilts as tablecloths, afghans draped over the arm of the sofa for instant snuggling, baskets of books for cozy nights indoors and a ticking clock.  

Fall essentials!

Happy Autumn!

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  1. Amber,

    Loved all the pictures! Autumn is truly my favorite time of the year.
    We are fortunte here in Minnesota to experience a change in the seasons and our fall has been amazing with the exception of a few crazy windy days.

    I have great memories of building forts in the front yard with my sibs and crunching through the mounds of leaves. Oh to turn back the clock for a day:)

    Who can top the wonderful fall baking smells that comes with this great season. Pumpkin cookies galore with browned butter icing. NUMO! My favorite candy to make is caramels and I have started a new tradition to give them as gifts this fall to friends and neighbors aside from waiting until the holiday season. Warm caramel drizzled over crisp apples from the local orchard - you can't beat it.

    Enjoy crunching leaves with your family!