Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Decorating on a Budget!

Is your Christmas tree up yet?  Are there Holiday lights on your house?  Have you begun your festive winter decorating?  After Thanksgiving, most people turn their attention to the upcoming holiday season and decorate their homes accordingly.  Some decorating can get out of hand and leave a dent in your household budget.  In my tiny home, we like to place glimpses of Christmas and winter around each corner of the room.  Not overwhelming, but festive and whimsical.  I am always on the look out for ways to re-use decorations or clever, cost-friendly ways to enhance the winter decor in our home. 

Photos Courtesy of Country Living

I always love hanging things from my light fixtures!  Garland and ornaments dress up an already fancy chandelier to give the Christmas spirit to any dining room.

Make a statement this year by decorating with splashes of vibrant color!  This living room reminds me of a wintery skating rink with its cool blue blocks of color.

Inexpensive and traditional...wreaths can be hung from just about any surface.  I love the whimsical feel of these hanging in the windows.  Instant window treatment!

White...cool, calming, reminiscent of a snowy landscape....it gives dramatic effect when used all together in toning hues.

How festive and fun!  A bowl full of ornaments!  Instant Christmas on any tabletop.  

Go on a winter's hike and gather pinecones for this darling wreath.  Hot glued together and sprayed with a dusting of white glitter paint, it can be left up all winter.

Sprinkle little touches of the holiday season in every area of your home!  A wreath tucked into a shelf, bowls of pine cones, a stray ornament...nothing overwhelming but the festive holiday season is still felt.

I love the idea of enhancing these cupboard shelves with paper cut out trim!  Even the kids could help with this easy craft.

Display those Christmas cards!  It is a special reminder of the friends and family who grace your lives.

Decorations that can be left out all winter are some of my favorites.  Pine cones and tiny evergreen trees are delightful reminders that winter has its own greenery.

As do winter bulbs!  I love to force bulbs in the winter. They are an inexpensive reminder that spring will come again and it is always such a sight for sore eyes when a beautiful Amaryllis or Paperwhite peeks out of a bowl in my living room.

Whatever your budget you can spread the holiday cheer with family and guests in your home with just a few inexpensive touches.  Have fun!



  1. Oh how I wish we were already through the closing of our new house! This makes me want to decorate for Christmas so much.

  2. Love your ideas - wonderful pictures. I just finished decorating today.

    My favorite budget friendly centerpiece is to take a glass urn, but any wide mouthed glass vase/container will do. Place a chucky white pillar candle in the middle and surround with cranberries. Fill with water just to top berries. So pretty!

    I love taking the little flower pots that my boys made as holiday gifts and fill with candy canes or holiday wrapped candies. A great way to remember the past and the excitement they had in presenting their creations. Fun stemware or small vases can serve as candy containers as well:)

    Enjoy this magical time of the year. May each of us be blessed beyond our hearts desire.