Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help! My kitchen is tiny!!

In this holiday winter season a lot of time is spent in the kitchen!  Guests sit at the kitchen table as you prepare tapas and appetizers for a seasonal party or soup and stew for a dinner table full of guests.  As they gather around my kitchen island this Christmas season, my focus will be on bringing warmth, space and style to my tiny Jewel Box Kitchen!

Some tips!

Photos Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Paint it White!  White is your best friend in a small kitchen.  It reflects light and makes any space feel larger than it is.  The walls recede and create a seamless space which tricks the eye.  Instant square footage!

White isn't your thing?  Use a low-contrast color scheme. When there's little difference between the colors of the wall, the countertop, cabinetry and the woodwork, your eye glides over the surfaces looking for a place to rest, and that movement tricks your mind into thinking the space is larger than it really is. Here white woodwork and pale gray walls are close in color value so the eye doesn't trip over any sudden shifts from dark to light. The effect is serene and expansive.

Replace cabinet doors with glass.  Fool the eye.  Instant space!
Let there be light.  Lots of natural light enlarges any space. You may have no choice about the number and placement of windows in your kitchen, but maximize the light you do have by keeping window treatments minimal.
Trick the eye with mirrors.  Mirrors create depth and space.  Ever consider using a mirror for a backsplash?  You should...
Take the eye high.  Hanging pictures, platters and wall hangings to the ceiling draws the eye up creating a larger height.  This makes any room bigger.  Consider hanging platters and serving ware high above eye level.  Great storage and it tricks the eye!

Eliminate clutter. Counterops crowded with cookware and cabinets crowned by collectibles swamp a small kitchen and cramp your work space. To enlarge the room visually, clear off the counters, the windowsill, and the cabinet tops, and stash as much as you can behind closed doors.

However you choose, you can create a homey, inviting space to welcome guests this Christmas season!


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