Monday, September 19, 2011

Pantry Makeover in One Afternoon!

Whew!  What a whirlwind summer this has been.  One of the hottest on record in our part of the world and it flew by before my very eyes and now autumn is just around the corner.  Thank you for being patient with our sparse posting these past few weeks.  As you know, Genevieve is very busy at this junction in her life and she has asked me to issue a warm welcome on her behalf.  Before I show you this marvelous pantry makeover, I just want to tell each one of our readers at The Jewel Box Home that we so appreciate and value your visits.  The wonders of the internet make it possible for us to be friends despite the distance between us!

Confession:  I am jealous of anyone who has a pantry.  My kitchen does not allow for such luxuries as a separate closet for food and household miscellanea.  If you have a pantry I hate you.  Not really, but maybe a little.  I at least covet your pantry.  Even in little Jewel Box Homes many of you lucky lucky homedwellers have pantries and will appreciate the catch-all that they become.  You simply must go over to Teresa's blog entitled "Whatever" and read her fun account of her afternoon project.  Yes, you heard me, she not only reorganized, but wall-papered her pantry in a beautiful design in only one afternoon.  She gives the time frames and everything.  Its wonderful. 



And the end result is stunning!  Go.  Right now.



  1. ...stunning is word too small!...hugs and blessings genevieve and amber...laney

  2. Hi Amber,

    Love love love the pantry. What a beautiful transformation.

    Missed you - miss Genevieve!



  3. Simple and classic not too overdone. I love it!

  4. How sweet to find myself here.
    Thanks for spreading the love.
    and the sweet comments.
    Happy Day

  5. I have two pantries so I guess you must REALLY hate me... LOL Mine however do not look as great as these photos. Wish they did though!

  6. Your pantry is gorgeous! Great job, I sure wish I had a space I could do this to!