Saturday, September 24, 2011

Teeny Tiny!

I am fairy certain that Genevieve has mentioned Tumbleweed Houses in a previous post although I have been searching for the past fifteen minutes and can't locate it.  If you are new to The Jewel Box Home Blog, please go and explore their website.  Jay Shafer, the author of "The Small House Book" has been living in a closet-like homes for almost fifteen years and has more or less pioneered the Tiny Home Movement.  He is a huge advocated of Small Space Living and simplifying your lifestyle.  I find him fascinating and inspiring.  He is definitely worth at least a perfunctory Google Search!

Apparently Jay parked one of his models, the Popomo, in the middle of Manhattan as he was transporting it to the East Coast this summer.  Fox Business News jumped on the opportunity to interview him and the above interview is the end result.

The interview shows some good footage of the home's living room, bedroom and kitchen and showcased the home as an alternate lifestyle.  Whether you  living a small home out of necessity or personal beliefs, these homes will definitely reduce your carbon footprint. 


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