Thursday, November 17, 2011

Staging A Smaller House For Sale

A big thank you to everybody who left comments on 'The Chair Project' post!  I so appreciate your thoughtful comments and kind words.  June and Laney, I always look forward to your notes and pep talks.  And my two favorite gals from Iowa, Judy and Kelley, I'm so glad you keep stopping by.  Jill, Joyce and Stellans, your warm wishes for my family are so very much appreciated.  Thanks for taking the time to write!

Some of you know that over the past few weeks I have been decluttering and staging my mother-in-law's house for sale.  The first open house was held just last Sunday. 

Here are old photos showing the house before staging.  This is the entryway and living room.  Notice the green carpet and furniture placement. 

Again, notice the green carpet and clutter in the room.  Too much furniture and too many accessories.  And yes, that is me with my oldest as a baby.  The last two photos show the den and kitchen. 

Here is the house after staging.  I pulled up the carpet, with help from my husband Rick.  Eliminated most of the furniture and rearranged the rest.  All the living room and dining room furniture is over 40 years old, but a few new accessories (from my house) brought out the best in these old pieces and make for a terrific art deco look. 

Here is the kitchen staged for sale.  Keeping it simple was and clean was the goal.  I used only white and silver accessories that focused on the Italian coffee and espresso tradition.

The small den/study is right off the kitchen.  This is the same room as shown above in the photo with the pheasant.  The clutter and two oversized couches were removed to leave a light filled room with a modern feel.

In the bathroom, there was nothing to do but go 100% with the art deco theme.  And it worked!

In the master bedroom upstairs, I removed all but four pieces of furniture, the bed, night stands and chest of drawers.  I replaced the lighting with lucite lamps and black shades from Cost Plus.  The bedding is also new from TJ Maxx.  The modern clock is original to the house.

It's difficult to overstate how much furniture and clutter were in the upstairs bedrooms which were used almost exclusively as storage.  But after staging, the rooms looked terrific.  Here the second bedroom which was organized to look like a young boys room.  The Borsalino hat and hat box belonged to my father-in-law.  Again, the bedding is from TJ Maxx.

The third upstairs bedroom was staged as a nursery.  The gray castle was built by my son's great-grandfather.  The chairs are antiques from my house with fresh cushions.

 If you would like to see the complete listing click here.  Let me know what you think.  



Judy said...

WOW! that is an amazing job! That gives me hope at decluttering!

laney said...

...i think it is absolutely are amazing...and if i get very quiet...i can hear your mother in law's whisper saying..."genevieve i knew you would know exactly what to do... i love you"...and the rest of us do too...blessings laney

laney said...

ps... even more than the house i loved seeing you with your first baby boy...sometimes we just need to see the faces of our blog friends...

SimplyMe said...

I thought you did a wonderful job. Even if a potential buyer has different decorating taste, they could still imagine what their own furniture would look like in the space because of the beautiful job of decluttering you did. Good luck on the sale!

Jo Ellen said...

Gen - this is wonderful! You are so talented and I Love your website and style.

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Judy, thanks for your kind words about the restaging.

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Laney, As always I treasure your comments. You have such a gift for writing. Your words are beautiful and bring me great comfort.

Genevieve Ferraro said...

SimplyMe, Thank you for recognizing all the work that went into decluttering. I do hope you are right and that a buyer will be able to see themselves building a life in this home. So glad you stopped by.

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Hi Jo Ellen! What fun to see your name pop up! For everyone out there, Jo Ellen is one of my favorite people and a dear friend. Our boys grew up together. And she has more style in her little finger than all my skill combined. A big thank you for the compliment.