Thursday, August 2, 2012

No Money for Flowers? No Problem.

Pink hydrangeas from my garden, crystal decanter and fresh fruit.

Why do I blog so sporadically?  Because life keeps happening and blog posts fall by the wayside.  Since my last post:
  • My oldest son has graduated from college with majors in English and Neuroscience! And he has a job! Yes!!!
  • My youngest has graduated from high school and is going to college!  Double yes!!!
There is lots of other stuff.  Good and bad.  But I'll save that for another day.

Let's talk flowers.  I LOVE fresh flowers and used to buy them weekly on my trip to the grocery store.  But no more.  With hubby out of work, money for fresh flowers is not in the budget.  So what do I do?  Use flowers from my garden.  In the photo above are Forever hydrangeas and below are Annabelle hydrangeas framed by elephant hosta, all cut from my gardens around the front and back of our house.

Hydrangeas and hosta from my garden.

By the way, this little end table is an antique from my mother's house.  I finally found a place for it.

Antique end table topped by hosta.
I also LOVE to garden, but didn't have time to fit it in last year between college visits.  This year I eased back into gardening by focusing on a few of my favorite plants, impatiens, trailing bacopa and sweet potato vines, in a single color, white

This cherub is from my mother-in-law's house.  White impatiens are planted at its base.
Another view of the cherub under my pear tree.

Large terra cotta urn with trailing white bacopa.
I thought grass between the aggregate cement on my back patio might look nice.  I'm still working on it.
Grass growing between aggregate on the back patio.

Angel out my back kitchen door framed by impatiens.
Until next time!



Judy said...

Hello again..... your garden feels relaxing to me :)

kelley said...

LOve your garden Marie!!! And the flower idea - was that mom's table? Don't remember it. Glad you have it. Kelley

laney said...

...i am trying this for the second time...blogger is acting up...happy dance...happy dance..happy dance...genevieve is back!...showing us more ways to make our little (or big!) jewel boxes look more love your gardening ideas...and...congratulations mother of the graduates!...there really sould be a special card for the mother of the and blessings laney

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Hi Laney, Blogger is definitely acting up. I couldn't leave a comment on my own blog! Very goofy. You are the best, Laney! Your 'daily email notes' keep me going! Love, Genevieve

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Judy, Thanks for you nice comment. BTW, I love your 'One Small Daily Peace of Art blog! Today's is a favorite. Colors are awesome. Cheers, Marie

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Hi Kelley! That's a big compliment especially when your garden looks like the cover of House Beautiful Magazine. Everyone, Kelley's garden is stunning, full of color. Send photos to my email, Kelley and I will post them. And get a close-up of your cosmos! Marie

Anonymous said...

I love white in the garden. Thank you for sharing and congratulations mother of graduates.


Genevieve Ferraro said...

Gabrielle, How nice of you to stop by. And thanks for the congrats on my sons graduations!

rosedel said...

Wooo Hooo the boy is going to college! I am so pleased for him and you too. I love grass between patio pavers. It feels graceful and quiet and elegant.

Genevieve Ferraro said...

Hi Rosedel. You are so nice to write and send congratulations. I am thrilled he is going to college. It was a knuckle-biter. Lot's of behind the scenes drama. I didn't let out a sigh of relief until he went to orientation and got his class schedule. For the next four years I will be on my knees every night praying he graduates!

Anonymous said...

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Genevieve Ferraro said...

Hi Houston! Thanks for stopping by! One of these days I will be consistent with my blogging. Unfortunately right now is not that time. Enjoyed your visit!