Monday, September 24, 2012

Empty Nester!

I'm now an empty nester!  It's bitter sweet.  I'm so happy to see them move forward with their lives.  But I miss them too.  It didn't really hit me until they both moved out in September.  My oldest left for his first job with Teach for America and my youngest moved into his college dorm. 

My two sons and hubby at high school graduation.

My older son just before he left for his first job out of state with Teach For America.

Mt. McKinley in Denali, Alaska.  From left to right, my nephew, a family friend, my youngest son and my brother.
So what am I doing now that both boys have left the nest?  One of the first things I did was cry, a lot!  Crying jags still hit me, especially when I'm cleaning out their bedroom and virtually everything reminds me of them.

But now I have time to do chores at a more leisurely pace. Here I am giving Buddy a bath in the kitchen sink. And believe me, he was sorely in need of a good washing.

Washing Buddy in the kitchen sink.
And I have always enjoyed the feel of freshly ironed kitchen towels and linens. Now I have time to do it. I also find it strangely soothing! I like to do my ironing in the kitchen on the counter. I use a heavy table pad covered by a clean sheet. Then I dial my iron to the highest setting, use a spritz of spray starch and press away. My favorite things to iron are pillow sets and hand towels. So easy to do and the end result is so nice!
Ironing in the kitchen.

Towels that have been ironed and folded ready to be put in the closet.

See you soon!



  1. happy for you...for your sons are finding their way in life...and that is in part a gift from their mother...i know your heart genevieve...for i too have two sons...and i remember being in the place you are now...there is a bend in the road...and you cannot see around it...but i promise... there are treasures around the curve...just waiting for you...blessings and love...laney

  2. Oh Laney. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love, love, love your emails and notes. Such treasures.
    Hugs, Genevieve

  3. Hi Genevieve!
    Isn't being a mother and allowing our babies to fly one of the hardest things we ever have to do? I was in a state of despair when my youngest went away to college. I couldn't remember what I'd done before becoming a mother. Took awhile to find myself and now I'm fine, well of course time helps's been 5 years since she left.