Friday, June 27, 2014

Friendly Friday Is At My House Today!

I bet you thought I was pulling a 'Genevieve' and not posting today!  But, I did not forget, I am just a little late getting my act together.

This Friendly Friday is at my house.  Come on in!  There is something special I have been wanting to show you.

I think of my dad, Dick Ervin, and my in-laws, Madeline and Tony, everyday.  On an etagere in my sun room, I keep tangible reminders of the beautiful lives they led. 

...the etagere from Ballard Designs filled with memories of my dad and in-laws... father's ashes are in a crystal vase I received as a wedding gift.  At the bottom of the vase are stones from Lake Coeur D'Alene in Idaho, one of my father's favorite places... to my father's ashes, is a verse by Victor Hugo, in my mother-in-law's handwriting.  She gave this to my sons as inspiration for how to approach life...

...on the bottom shelf is a statue of the 'Infanta Jesus' which my mother-in-law kept on her dresser.  The statue is hollow and filled with handwritten prayers she wrote for family; many are more than 50-years-old!  The Lladro 'Mother and Infant' figure was a gift to my mother-in-law from her youngest son and my husband, Rick.  The two photos are my sons, Richard and Marc, whom my mother-in-law called her beautiful treasures...

 As you can all see, I need to dust my etagere!

Until next Friday!



  1. ...this sweet post is why you are the jewel box home...and not the jewel box house...blessings laney

  2. Thank you Laney! This was a personal post, but these tangible memories are so precious!