Saturday, October 4, 2014

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

My Facebook friend, Phyllis, created the most clever autumn decorations!  I asked if I could share them with you and she said yes.  Thank you Phyllis!
Poster Phyllis sent me on Facebook.  Don't you just love the golden autumn light!

Can't take my eyes off the stunning wooden front door on Phyllis' home!  Have you ever seen anything like it?  The golden color and circle at the lower half make it a work of art.  The contrasting colors of the house are perfect, for any time of year.  I also love the wreath, the squirrels, the pumpkin and everything about this welcoming porch entrance!

An autumn book and candle set the tone for fall.

This is my favorite!  Look at the squirrel perched on top of the elegant glass bowl filled with brightly colored gourds, pumpkins and artichokes.  So clever and fun!  Phyllis tells me a squirrel very similar to this one can be found at Pier One.  I am hoping to grab one before they are all gone!

Before I go, a quick update on my two sons.  My oldest, Richard, is at Cornell University Medical School.  Here he is on the left, at the White Coat ceremony where students receive their doctor jackets and stethoscopes.  Why are the stethoscopes not in the photo?  They were out being engraved with each student's initials.  Really?  Aren't we special!  I am very proud of my son, but an engraved stethoscope is not going to make him a better doctor.  But now I have an idea of why tuition is so high!  LOL!

My youngest son, Marc, is a junior, at the University of Michigan studying art.  Here are a couple of his paintings.  The first one, 'Josephine', is a commission for a family in Paris and is a portrait of their daughter.  I just love 'Josephine'!  The second piece, 'Mad Cow', is Marc's preferred style and won an award. 

Marc's artist statement for 'Mad Cow' made me howl with laughter.  Here it is in its entirety, "Cows were an interesting subject for me to paint. There is an implication of pattern and repetition that is found in their spots and black and white fur that strongly contrasts with colorful, aggressive and spontaneous applications of paint that I like to use. Cows also are generally docile creatures and I enjoyed portraying them in a crazed, psychotic state."  Marc's statement is even funnier when contrasted with the five other statements for award winning art.  These were three times as long and each one described how their art would make the world a better place.  At least my son is an original! 

Next time, my love/hate relationship with blogging and why 'Friendly Fridays' did not happen this summer.

- Genevieve

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